Fundraiser For Kids TVs In Hospital

31 August 2013, 08:25 | Updated: 31 August 2013, 08:45

A mum from Marchwood, with a disabled son's, been telling Heart she's aiming to make hospital stays at Southampton General better for children.

Karolin Jones is aiming to raise 54 thousand pounds to provide every bed with a TV. Her son Cody spends a lot of time in hospital and she says that having a personal television would make his stay much better.

Cody has just turned 4 and has autism, a speech disorder, language delay, apnea and, more recently, has been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome.

Karolin told Heart "Because Cody spends quiet a lot of time in hospital, it drives me mad when all he wants to do is a simple thing like watch TV. The television sets get stolen or broken and some don't have any ariels.

When there is a television, it is a nightmare if the volume isn't right or if a child is watching a programme at one end of the ward and Cody is having a screaming fit, with hands over his ears, because he doesn't like the programme or that particular noise."

So Karolin is aiming to get enough money so that every child has their own television and organised a big fundraising day at Marchwood's Lloyd Recreation Ground today (31st August) to raise the 54 thousand pounds needed.

Speaking about the event, she said "We are expecting a lot of disabled children with mobility issues and special needs like Cody. Therefor it's all child friendly with no loud music and all very smooth and chilled. There is an arena where we have children's karate, street dance, action club and all around entertainment for children of all abilities."

The event is happening between 11am and 4 pm and all money raised will go towards providing televisions for children at Southampton General Hospital.