Hackers Target Peppa Pig World Facebook

20 June 2013, 13:23 | Updated: 20 June 2013, 13:26

The Facebook page for Peppa Pig World, a visitor attraction near Southampton, has been taken down - after it was filled with spam emails, random links and pictures, sparking angry comments from upset parents.

Paultons Park, where Peppa Pig World is based, was unable to access the page to remove the content. It mostly wasn't offensive, but consisted of random pictures of cats and babies, plus spam links.

More than 137,000 people follow the social networking page affected.

One parent, Morgan-Leigh Cummings, wrote: "If you're posting pics like this why don't you make your own page and update as many piccys as you want,instead of hacking 'Peppa Pig World' so just grow up and get a life!!''

Julie Loader wrote:

"The hacker needs to grow up and go find something better to do than hack kids park pages. Get a life!!!!!''

The attraction tells us the page was hacked on Monday and apologised for "what is frustratingly out of our control''.

In a statement on Wednesday they said: "We remain in contact with Facebook and are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. The page has continued to experience spam posts but we are relieved that they appear to be inoffensive at present.

"Regrettably, we currently have no ability to remove the posts or the page itself as the hacker has taken complete control by claiming to Facebook that they were authorised to represent us. Consequently they removed the ability for us to access the fan page.''

The page was later taken down.