Hampshire Officer Nominated For Bravery

17 October 2013, 06:13 | Updated: 17 October 2013, 06:17

A police officer from Hampshire Constabulary who managed to arrest a suspect whilst he was being pelted with bricks and stones has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award by Hampshire Police Federation.

In August 2011 Sergeant Tony Jeacock was on patrol by himself in the Waterlooville area when he responded to a report of criminal damage to a vehicle. 

When he arrived at the scene he spotted five men who immediately ran off. 

Sgt Jeacock located the men and having started to talk them, without warning he heard one of the group shout ‘get him’ and with that the gang set upon the officer, repeatedly punching and kicking him. 

However, Sgt Jeacock managed to use his CS spray and the men ran off. The officer gave chase and caught one of them who became extremely violent and again started punching the officer. 

Sgt Jeacock then used what CS spray he had left and the suspect fell to the ground. 

As the officer was handcuffing the male, two of the other men returned and attacked the officer, throwing bricks and wood at him. 

Sgt Jeacock later admitted he thought ‘this is it, I’ve had it’ but he managed to keep hold of the suspect on the ground until two other units arrived and the other men ran off. 

Had it not been for Sgt Jeacock’s body armour it is likely the officer would have been seriously injured. 

John Apter, Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, said: 

“Sergeant Jeacock is a remarkable officer, despite being subjected to a vicious and sustained attack he kept hold of his prisoner whilst trying to defend himself from a group of violent males. He is a credit to the service.” 

Chief Constable Andy Marsh said, 

“Sergeant Jeacock demonstrated great bravery and professionalism during a sustained attack. I am very proud of him”.