Hampshire Poppy Girls Sing For Queen

9 November 2013, 07:05

Two Hampshire schoolgirls will be singing for the Queen later, at the Annual Festival of Remembrance.

10-year-old Florence Ransom from Petersfield, and 13-year-old Alice Millburn from Portsmouth were two of five winners of a competition run by the Royal British Legion and Decca Records to find the stars of the future; entrants had to be between 9-16 year-olds at the time, with a parent serving in the forces.

The girls' band, Poppy Girls, will be releasing 'The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye)' on November 11th, after singing infront of The Queen and a television audience of over six million at this year's Festival of Remembrance later.

Florence told Heart that her new found fame is making her very busy, she said: "It's going to be difficult having lots going on out of school and then going back into school and having loads of work to do and catch up".

Last year the Royal British Legion raised around 40 million pounds in their Poppy Appeal - of that worldwide appeal, nearly 1.4 million was donated people in Hampshire, while Dorset raised up 650 thousand and the Isle of Wight gave over 100 thousand.