Hovis Factory Closure In Eastleigh

Unions are meeting bosses of the Hovis bakery after plans to shut it down in June, with the loss of 82 jobs.

After plans were announced to close the Hovis bakery in Eastleigh union reps will meet bosses later.

The factory's expected to close in June with the loss of 82 jobs.

In a statement, Premier Foods says: "As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the utilisation and cost effectiveness of the Hovis Supply Chain, we have recently undertaken a review of our Eastleigh Bakery in the context of our future manufacturing requirements. As a result, the company is proposing that its bakery at Eastleigh, Hampshire will cease production no later than mid June, 2012. 
This will, regrettably, affect approximately 82 jobs and consultation will begin immediately with those affected by this proposal and their representatives."
The Hovis distribution centre at Eastleigh, which employs approximately 90 people, is unaffected by this proposal.