Police Can't Identify Southampton Body

Police investigating after the body of a man was discovered in a stream in Southampton on the evening of Tuesday, July 20 say they need help from the public to find out who he was.

A post mortem held yesterday was inconclusive and detectives are keeping an open mind as to how the man, who was found in a stream in a wooded area off Springford Road, in Coxford, died. It's thought his body had been there for at least a number of days. Further tests will be carried out to try and establish the exact cause of his death.

The investigation is now being looked after by the Major Crime Department in Southampton. Detective Chief Inspector, Dave Powell, said: "At the moment we can not say for certain how he died. We can't rule out that his death may be suspicious, equally it may not be.

"We need to establish exactly what happened to lead to his death. At the moment we also have no idea who he is. He had no identification on him and no one has been reported missing to us at this stage who fits his description He was very tall at 6ft 5 inches which does mean he was quite distinctive.

"I am now appealing for anyone who thinks they may know who he is or has any other information that may help us with this investigation to get in contact with us."

The full description of the man is: 6ft 5 inches tall with size 11-12 feet and reddish brown hair. Thought to be aged between 24 and 50 but he is likely to be at the younger age of that. He was of athletic build and had his left ear pierced twice – through he wasn't wearing any earrings. He had no tattoos.

At the time he was discovered he was wearing an XL size purple round-neck t-shirt - 'TU' brand and dark blue trousers. He was also wearing Asics Gel trainers.

Anyone who thinks they know who he is asked to contact the Operation Savannah team at the Major Crime Department in Hulse Road on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.