Life Saving Equipment At Local College

Defibrillators, which could save the life of someone suffering cardiac arrest, have been installed at Eastleigh College.

The Automated External Defibrillators have been put in the college in partnership with South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and staff have been trained on how to use them.

It's because figures show that 12 people in the UK - under the age of 35 - die every week, from the heart condition 'sudden adult death syndrome'. In the UK, approximately 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside a hospital and are treated by emergency services every year. A patients chance of survival depends on how quickly they are treated and decreases by 10% per minute for every minute after the attack.

The ambulance service is calling for more to be placed in all public areas including as activity centres, bus stations, community centres, pubs, hotels, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Howard Farelt, SCAS Community Liaison and Training Officer said:

"It has been a pleasure working in partnership with Eastleigh College on the provision of and training on these fantastic defibrillators.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is committed to working with local businesses and organisations throughout Hampshire who may be interested in placing a defibrillator in their premises regardless of their size, or number of people using their premises".

SCAS has around 1600 volunteer Community First Responders all trained in basic life saving skills whilst an ambulance in en route. If you are interested in receiving training to become one, or want to find out about installing a defibrillator, then contact the South Central Ambulance through their website