More Details About Titanic II

More than 100 years after the Titanic set off on her maiden voyage, plans for a replica have been unveiled in Southampton.

Australian bilionaire Clive Palmer has already revealed that work on it will start in China soon and it'll sail from Southampton on its maiden voyage in three year's time.

He's planning to recreate every detail of the ship but with modern technology and safety.

The businessman's also promised it will be a tribute to the passengers and crew who died in the 1912 disaster.

Titanic II's features will include:

* Theatre seating for 400 people
* Casino
* Shopping area
* Business Centre
* Modern Hospital
* Helicopter landing provision
* Fully air-conditioned
* Wi-Fi internet

There will also be retained features such as the Grand Staircase, Turkish Baths and Smoking Room in 1st class, as well as accomodation in 2nd and 3rd class being as near to the original Titanic where practically possible.

The 21st century version of the legendary ship were revealed to 160 invited guests at the Grand Cafe in Southampton this morning (Tuesday 5 March).

Thousands of people are said to have already expressed interest in securing a cabin aboard the ship when it sets sail from the city in 2016.