Nelson Honoured On Trafalgar Day

Nelson's famous signal ''England Expects'' will be hoisted along with the Union Jack and White Ensign onboard his flagship today as the Royal Navy marks Trafalgar Day.

The ceremony marking the victory over Napoleon's navy in 1805 as well as Nelson's death will take place onboard HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Hampshire.

Described as the most decisive naval battle in British history, Admiral Lord Nelson's triumph reaffirmed the UK's prominence at sea.

The anniversary also marks the death of Nelson, who was fatally wounded during the action.

A Royal Navy spokesman said:

 ''The hoisting of the Colours (Union Jack and White Ensign) and Nelson's signal 'England Expects' marks the start of the commemoration onboard HMS Victory.

''The central act of the commemoration will consist of the laying of a wreath on the spot where Nelson fell by the Chief of Naval Personnel and Training and Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral David Steel, for his first time in his new role as Admiral in charge HMS Victory.

''Further wreaths will be laid on the orlop deck where Nelson died by Brigadier David King, Royal Marines, and HMS Victory's 100th commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Rod Strathern.''