New £120k Aviary Opens At Marwell

Visitors can now get closer to Marwell’s exotic birds inside a brand new walkthrough aviary.

The £120,000 aviary provides a valuable education resource for children (specifically 4 to 7 year olds) as part of the Encounter Village.

It also creates a year round home for Marwell’s current birds and some new ones too.

Visitors can watch a variety of birds play out their natural behaviours including Waldropp Ibis, Crowned plovers, Little egrets, Madagascar Teal, Violet Turaco and Von Der Decken’s hornbill.

Ross Brown, Collection Manager of Birds, Lower Vertebrates and Invertebrates said:

“Our new walkthrough aviary provides an excellent habitat for a wide range of birds, some of which are classified as Endangered and are difficult to see in the wild. It’s a great way to engage, inspire and educate the next generation about the world of flight.

“In the next few months we will be bringing in further species of birds and the landscape will grow and improve with time, so there will always be something new and exciting for visitors to explore.”

The new 1000 square metre aviary is part of improvements to the zoo’s Encounter Village which will also see the opening of a new coati exhibit this summer.