New 'Baby Cafés' Open For Southampton Mums

1 August 2014, 07:35

Two new 'baby cafés' are opening in Southampton today to help breastfeeding mums.

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) working together with Solent NHS Trust, Sure Start Childrens Centres and midwifery services are launching them to coincide with annual World Breastfeeding Week.

All those involved with the launch of the new baby cafés are keen to see an increase in the numbers of mums supported with breastfeeding their babies in Southampton.
These new cafés are situated in Cutbush Childrens Centre, Townhill Park and Pickles Coppice Millbrook. New mums can drop in and receive support with breastfeeding in a friendly, caring and supportive environment. The cafes are also open to those who are pregnant and looking to find out more information about breastfeeding.
Each café will have a trained breastfeeding counsellor in attendance together with two local breastfeeding mums that have recently been trained as peer supporters.
Emma Wilkins and Tabitha Leishman, two of the volunteers that have been trained as breastfeeding peer supporters, will be attending the cafes to meet with new mums. Both Emma and Tabitha have breastfed their babies, although both admit to finding it difficult at times and feeling like they were doing something wrong because it didn't come naturally.
Emma said:

"I felt like it was my fault that breastfeeding my baby wasn't working, that it should be easy but I didn't find it easy".

Tabitha said:

"In the end I figured it out for myself by spending hours on the internet watching clips on YouTube".
They are both now delighted that new mums in their area will be able to receive more support than they did, and they want to meet new mums to share their breastfeeding experiences and help them find the support when they need it.
Solent NHS Trust Health Visiting Service along with others in Southampton are currently working towards full accreditation of Unicef Baby Friendly status and we aim to provide breastfeeding information and support for all women.
The new cafés are:
- Cutbush Childrens Centre, Cutbush Lane, Townhill, SO18 2GF - Mondays 1pm - 2.30pm
- Pickles Coppice Childrens Centre, Windermere Ave, Millbrook, SO16 9QX - Wednesdays 10.30am - 12pm