Olympic Swimming Pool Too Short?

A row's going on over whether an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Portsmouth is too short to be used for 2012 training.

The 5 million pound pool at the Mountbatten Centre in Stamshaw is 50 metres long - but Tory councillors say using touch-sensitive timing boards will take up two inches in the water - meaning it won't be suitable. They claim it'll mean the loss of millions in revenue and cash grants.

However the ruling Lib Dems say that's not true and it IS long enough.

Councillor Lee Hunt, member for culture, leisure and sport said:

"The Mountbatten Centre pool was developed in partnership with national sporting bodies and was designed as an Olympic training venue capable of holding up to national competitions.

"It is an Olympic length, 50 metre, eight lane swimming pool.

"The pool is certified by the Federation International de Natation and the Amateur Swimming Association as being 50.03 metres in length.

"This extra 3cm allows for touch sensitive time pads."