'One Punch Can Kill' Campaign Launches

3 May 2011, 09:54 | Updated: 3 May 2011, 12:31

People enjoying a night out in Portsmouth are being warned about the dangers of getting into a drunken fight, with a hard-hitting campaign to combat alcohol-fuelled violence across the city.

‘One Punch Can Kill’ aims to remind people that too much drink can turn a good night into a tragic disaster with potentially lethal consequences.

Alcohol-fuelled violence has resulted in the deaths of two young men in the city over the last two years.

Kyle Bartlett was one of them. On May 5th 2009, he was fatally injured during a fight inside a bar on Guildhall Walk.

His mother is now campaigning to reduce alcohol-related violence in Portsmouth’s bars, pubs and clubs.

Ann Bartlett wants to educate young people in schools and colleges as well as licensees, bar staff and door staff.

She’s joined forces with the Safer Portsmouth Partnership to launch the ‘One Punch Can Kill’ campaign in Portsmouth on 3rd May 2011 around the anniversary of his death.

Ann said: “I don’t want people to stop drinking completely but people need to realise that drinking excessively and punching someone just once can ruin their life as well as ending someone else’s

The worst thing I have ever had to do in my life is turn off my son’s life support machine and wait for his heart to stop beating. He had so much to live for; it’s just such a waste

I cannot let someone else go through what myself and family are going through now so I’m joining forces with the Safer Portsmouth Partnership to highlight the dangers of binge drinking and alcohol fuelled violence.”

Chief Inspector Dave Humphries leads on alcohol-related violence for the police in Portsmouth. He said:  “I don’t think anyone ever leaves home on a Friday or Saturday night with the intention of killing someone.

“But if you get into a fight after a few drinks and throw a punch which ends up seriously wounding or killing someone else, could you live with yourself?

“Not only would you be living with that on your conscience, you could also be facing murder or manslaughter charges and having to go through the ordeal of a court case.

“Although rare, the two deaths related to alcohol in the city over the last two years are a sad but all too real reminder of the consequences of drink-fuelled violence.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy a safe night out in Portsmouth, and have officers dedicated to patrolling the city’s bar areas on Friday and Saturday nights. “Our licensing team also works closely with the venues to ensure they put their customers’ safety first.”

You can help by making sure that if you’re out having a few drinks you look after yourself and look after your friends.

There’s no shame in walking away from trouble and persuading your mates to do so as well because throwing that punch is just not worth the risks.”

Posters with a hard-hitting image are being displayed in pubs, clubs and bars supporting the campaign across the city.

Mock crime scenes will be displayed in key entertainment areas across the city on each Saturday night in May, to highlight the potential consequences of alcohol fuelled violence to people enjoying a night out.

An educational programme for young people will be delivered to schools and colleges across the city by Portsmouth City Council’s Health Improvement and Development Service and Portsmouth City Council’s Trading Standards team will be training 80 bars/clubs in how to combat alcohol fuelled violence.