Out Of Control Party Shut Down

Police have revealed they closed down an unruly party and dispersed a group of 50 – 60 teenagers at North Baddesley on Halloween night.

A mother alerted police to the event at the Sandy Lane sports pavilion shortly before 9pm. The woman, who intended to drop off her daughter, reported that the venue was full of underage youngsters who were drinking.

On arrival, police found only one adult, a 50-year-old North Baddesley woman, in charge of the large group.

They also found large quantities of alcohol – cider, beer, lager and spirits – which was seized.

An ambulance was called for one 16-year-old youth who was unconscious. He was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where he was treated for the effects of excess alcohol.

A local councillor was called to lock the pavilion, and police officers guided youngsters away from the area and attempted to ensure they had arrangements to return to their homes.

Romsey Inspector Jackie Willson said:

“This incident raises serious concerns on several levels.

"There was not enough adult supervision for the number of youngsters present. The situation where one teenager had to go to hospital because of alcohol is alarming.

“In addition, there was the problem of shepherding a large group of intoxicated young people away from the area and trying to ensure they returned home safely. We know that some local residents were irritated by their noise and behaviour.

“I would urge parents to make sure they know exactly what type of event their children are attending and remind them that, when they host a party for children – even teenagers – they are responsible for the welfare of those who attend.”