Peter Storrie Denies Allegations

13 March 2010, 10:08 | Updated: 13 March 2010, 10:31

Peter Storrie has denied any wrongdoing over allegations he breached regulations over a payment to an agent.

The Sun today (Saturday) claim Storrie, who last night stepped down as Portsmouth chief executive but remained with the club in an advisory role, flirted with Football Association rules over a fee to be paid to agent Willie McKay over the loan move of Frederic Piquionne to Fratton Park.

"It was due to him, it was outstanding and I wanted the lawyers to be aware of that,'' Storrie told The Sun, who printed an email they say was sent by Storrie to a firm of lawyers. "The money had to go through the FA but the lawyers' account wasn't recognised by the FA. It needed to be recognised by the FA. Barclays stopped our bank account - we didn't have a bank account anywhere so they had to get it ratified by the FA otherwise the deal would not have been accepted. It's that straightforward. I have done nothing wrong - just a matter of procedure. There's never been a payment. Willie McKay was never paid. The lawyers never, ever paid him. Ask Willie McKay. Absolutely not. He was never, ever paid.''

McKay also refuted any question of malpractice. He told The Sun: "They paid me £20,000 - but I got it through the FA. And that for a player who scored 10 goals in half a season for a rubbish team, at the bottom of the league. Why am I being dragged into this? I've been under investigation for six years. The City of London police have investigated me. Lord Stevens and Quest have investigated me and they have all cleared me. And you know why? Because I have never done anything wrong.''