Plans To Build Four New Custody Centres

Hampshire Police Authority have revealed plans to build four new custody centres in the county.

It'll cost an estimated £67million over 30 years.

The Authority approved the plan to design and build four new centres across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight increasing the number of cells in the Hampshire Constabulary area to 191; the 29 cells at Portsmouth Central Police station and 36 at Southampton Central Police station will be kept open.

Councillor Jacqui Rayment, Chair of Hampshire Police Authority, said:

 "It has been identified that we need to improve the custody facilities and it makes sense to have a smaller number of custody suites which are larger. It means we can provide modern facilities to ensure detained persons safety and save money."

Assistant Chief Constable David Pryde said:

"Modernising custody and making the whole process more cost effective is at the heart of this project.

"Being able to process criminals far more quickly and get them into court has got to be bad news for anyone who breaks the law.

"It's true there will be fewer custody suites across the two counties, but the new builds give us the opportunity to update the system and make it more efficient as a whole.

"The centres will bring together the number of custody staff and investigative and interview teams, and will result in police officers spending less time booking in prisoners and more time on the streets or in their core roles.

"The project is self-financed by the money generated from selling redundant estate."