Plans Approved For City's Tallest Building

Southampton City Council has approved plans for the tallest building in the city - to be developed in Ocean Village.

It will mark the final element of the regeneration of Southampton's Ocean Village known as Admiral's Quay.

Plans include three striking high quality residential buildings one which with its 26-storeys is set to be Southampton's tallest.

The scheme, containing 299 home, is connected at ground level with and an elevated terrace with provision for up to 8 restaurants and seating spilling out onto the promenade, with residents enjoying a high landscaped terrace at the second floor level.

Councillor Royston Smith, Leader of Southampton City Council said:

"This is a great boost for Southampton's waterfront and will bring further life to Ocean Village and valuable jobs to the city.

"This scheme alongside the plans for Royal Pier Waterfront will mark Southampton as a leading waterfront destination in Europe.

"Allied Developments and HGP Architects have put together a great scheme since taking over the site earlier this year and I am confident this will have a positive impact on the area, becoming a catalyst for further investment in the future."

Peter Morton from Allied Developments said:

"Our development will be finishing off Admiral's Quay and end the desolate building site surrounded by a hoarding that has blighted Ocean Village for years.

"It will now realise its full potential as an exciting mixed-use development situated on the marina, giving the city a waterfront destination to be proud of.

"The development primarily focuses on the marina frontage and creates plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the views.

"The tallest residential tower will act as a landmark and will be the beginning of a new skyline for the City of Southampton, while the surrounding public space will give more of a human scale and will help the area to become a real destination."

Allied Developments is a property developing company controlled by Charles Dunstone the founder and Chairman of Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk. It owns the Fulcrum industrial development at Whiteley and has numerous residential sites on the Isle of Wight.

The scheme value is £74m and could bring up to 200 jobs to the city.