Police Front Desks To Close?

Police bosses in Hampshire are discussing closing a number of police station front desks across the county.

A meeting with the Police Authority is happening on Tuesday 27th September 2011. The force needs to save £50M by 2015.

Hampshire Police released this statement:

The review into the future front office service provision across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight is currently subject to internal staff consultation until Wednesday, September 28, 2011.

After consideration of representations made during the consultation, a final report is due to be submitted for decision to senior police officers during October 2011.

The current proposal is to have at least one front office per police district. The service will be offered at fewer locations, but it will be standardised across the two counties while still following local demand. The review team has visited all front offices to look at public demand, the services provided, and the effects of possible closure on the community. All these factors will be considered before final recommendations are made on the locations, services and opening times.

In addition there will be more ways to communicate with the police. Officers and staff are already using mobile data terminals in public locations. People can also dial 101, Hampshire Constabulary's non-emergency number, at any time to report a crime, get advice or ask for a visit by a police officer. The number is now being rolled out nationally to all police forces in England and is a true alternative to 999. Hampshire Constabulary is examining other ways of being accessible to the public, such as improvements to the force website to enable better online reporting. Just like now, people will be able to speak to their local officers at regular beat surgeries or at pre-arranged appointments.