Police Take Action Over Bad Parking Outside School

Officers from Southsea’s Safer Neighbourhood teams have carried out an operation to tackle illegal parking outside of a school in Milton.

Two PCs and two PCSOs from Southsea’s Eastney and Milton SNTs ran the op at Meon Junior and Infants School to try and stop parents from parking on the marked off areas outside of the school grounds.

PCSO Erica Leigh, who ran the operation, said: “We are here today to assist the school in promoting child safety when parents drop their children off, and enforce the laws that are in place to protect pedestrians and school children.

“Parking on the zig-zag lines placed at the entrance to a school is dangerous and can easily cause an accident, and jeopardise the safety of a child.. We have been speaking to road users about the potential dangers of doing this, and when necessary, have handed out parking fines.”

SNT officers visited the school last week to speak to people of the dangers and warn them of the operation taking place. Two fines were given out today and a substantial amount of people were spoken to about the issue.

PCSO Leigh added: “We’ve had a positive reaction from the people here today, who were happy to see us promoting children’s safety outside of the school.

“We plan to run this operation throughout the beat areas and aim to get drivers thinking about their actions before they park in areas that present a risk to schoolchildren.”

If you would like to contact your Safer Neighbourhood team, you can call 101 or log on to www.hampshire.police.uk and click on ‘your local policing team’.