Police Training Exercise On M3

Police say motorists on the M3 should not be alarmed if they a number of police vehicles on the hard shoulder near Fleet Services this morning (Thursday April 26) – as officers take part in a pre-Olympic training exercise.

The exercise involving specialist search officers, Roads Policing Unit, and Dog Support Unit officers from Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police will take place between marker post 64.0 and 60.0, near junction 5 of the M3 close to Fleet Services, on the northbound M3 from late morning for around for up to an hour.

The time has been specifically chosen to cause the minimum distraction and disruption to motorists.

The exercise is practicing officers’ preparedness to deal with any threat made to Olympic Route Network throughout the Olympic period. Staff and vehicles from the Highways Agency are also taking part.

“We won’t be closing the motorway, but we will be on the hard shoulder and our message to the public is simply please do not be alarmed if you see this,” said PC Georgina Laycock, who is co-ordinating the exercise.

“It is important to note that there is no known threat to or specific intelligence regarding the motorways, we are just practicing our response procedures to ensure that we are prepared for any eventuality, and able to respond effectively, swiftly and safely.”

The exercise will include a total of four vehicles moving slowly on the hard shoulder and will be concluded as swiftly as possible. The South East Air Support Unit helicopter is also participating and will be overhead during the exercise.