Portsmouth-based Naval Ship Sets Sail

Portsmouth-based Royal Navy minehunter HMS Cattistock sets off today (Monday 4 Feb) for a four-month NATO mission in the Mediterranean.

She will be working as part of a permanent multinational maritime force in the area called the Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 (SNMCMG2).

Ships from allied nations work together throughout the year defending sea routes from the threat of underwater mines and carrying out joint training exercises.

The deployment demonstrates the UK's longstanding commitment to NATO and outlines the importance of the Royal Navy's role within the organisation.

HMS Cattistock's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Stephen Higham, said:"We are well prepared and looking forward to working alongside our NATO allies in the Mediterranean.

"This deployment is a great opportunity for the ship to learn from shared experiences, contribute to regional security and showcase the Royal Navy's skill as the world's leading experts in mine warfare."