Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock To Be Investigated

An investigation has been launched into the conduct of Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock.

Portsmouth City Council - where Mr Hancock is also a councillor - announced on Tuesday that a sub-committee had decided to refer a complaint against him for investigation.

The council refused to reveal the content of the complaint, but the Portsmouth South MP has been the subject of allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a woman with mental health issues.

He denies the allegations.

Solicitor Michael Lawther said:

"A sub-committee of Portsmouth City Council today decided to refer a complaint against Cllr Mike Hancock for investigation.

"The governance and audit and standards committee (assessment) sub-committee, made up of three councillors, considered evidence of a breach of the council's code of conduct and decided there was a case to answer. They made no judgement as to whether or not there had been a breach.

"I will now appoint an independent lawyer to carry out an investigation. We estimate the investigation will take two or three months.

"If a breach is proved against a councillor, they can be censured for their conduct."

The news comes as another high profile Lib Dem faces investigation over his alleged behaviour.

Lord Rennard, the Lib Dems’ former chief executive, is the subject of a probe by the party after allegations of sexual harassment towards women. He strongly denies the claims.