Portsmouth Pier 'Won't Be Demolished'

15 May 2014, 06:07 | Updated: 15 May 2014, 06:09

Portsmouth City Council says it won't allow South Parade Pier to be demolished.

A court ruling this week has said the current owners must keep the pier in Southsea closed, and put up a barrier until repairs are done to make it safe - or knock part of the structure down.

The council says no part of the pier can be knocked down without it's permission, because it's a listed building, and it won't grant it.
City solicitor Michael Lawther said:

"We share the public's concern about the condition of the pier.
"We have a duty to protect the public from dangerous structures, and this is why we went to court on Monday.
"The court told the owners of the pier that they have to put up a barrier around it, to protect the public from falling debris.
"The court also ordered that the pier must be closed to the public until the court orders it can be opened.
"In the court's ruling on Monday, there was a standard legal phrase saying that the owners could demolish the dangerous part of the pier, instead of putting up the barrier, if permission was given under listed building law.
"The pier is a listed building and anything done to listed buildings has to have our permission.
"The council can't foresee any circumstances in which it would grant permission for the pier, or any part of it, to be demolished."