Quit Smoking This Valentine's Day

Today (February 14, 2012) is the most romantic day of the year and it looks like the recipe to finding a smokin' hot date on the south coast is simple - quit smoking.

New research from the Department of Health shows that if you are looking for a date this Valentine's Day then be sure to keep away from cigarettes if you want to increase your chances of success.

Among people polled in the South East 74% claimed they would not kiss someone who had just smoked and 76% agreed that smoking makes people less attractive.

For those in the South West, 68% claimed they would not kiss someone who had just smoked; 73% agreed that smoking makes people less attractive. 

As well as leaving a bad taste in the mouth of your date, 56% of those polled said that if they knew someone was a smoker they would think twice about starting a serious relationship. So, people who want to stay one step ahead of the game this Valentine's Day should put an end to their habit and quit today. 

"Astonishingly there are still a large number of people who smoke and, sadly, 50% of these are likely to die from a smoking-related disease if they don't quit," said Dr Andrew Mortimore on behalf of the Directors of Public Health for the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth PCT Cluster. 

"By quitting smoking, you could increase your life expectancy by 16 years and save tens of thousands of pounds over your lifetime."

To help you quit smoking free Quit Kits are now available from your local pharmacy. To find your nearest Quit Kit pharmacy stockist text SEARCH and your postcode to 88088 or search online at nhs.uk/smokefree. For help and advice on quitting smoking visit http://smokefree.nhs.uk/