Rebuilding Work To Do At Portsmouth FC

Pompey manager Michael Appleton has set his sights on rebuilding the club after their relegation to League One.

The Blues boss says a clear-out of players is needed to allow the club to reduce the wage bill and survive.

He hopes that will pave the way for him to start the job of turning Pompey into a top-class club again - both on and off the pitch.

Pompey's 2-1 defeat to Derby at Fratton Park proved meaningless with Bristol City's 2-0 win over Barnsley assuring they stayed up instead.

Appleton said: "I wanted to win the game, but I knew even if we did we would probably be relegated anyway because I expected Bristol City to win.

"The players have given everything and been competitive in all the games we've played apart from the second half against Burnley. They've worked their socks off in the face of so many disappointments.

"But now we've got an opportunity to go and rebuild. And that means rebuilding the infrastructure of the club as well as what?s happening on the pitch.

"I wouldn't have left West Brom as an assistant manager in the Premier League if I didn't think I had the opportunity to build something.

"My original plans were wiped out within about 10 days of me turning up. But maybe this is the opportunity that I was waiting for, but it's just come in different circumstances.

"A lot needs to be changed. We can't cope with the wage structure we have at the minute and something has to give, so players have to leave.

"But we're going to be one of the big fish in League One where I'm sure we'll have fantastic support just like we have this season."