Search For Ferry Passenger After Portsmouth Crossing

21 January 2015, 16:06 | Updated: 21 January 2015, 16:08

A passenger has gone missing from a passenger ferry which sailed from Hampshire to France.

Belongings were discovered in a cabin on board the Brittany Ferries vessel Mont St Michel after it had docked at Caen having left Portsmouth.

A spokesman for the ferry company said that an alert had been raised and the Coastguard had launched a search in the English Channel for the missing passenger.

The spokesman said: ``When last night's overnight sailing from Portsmouth to Caen (operated by our ship Mont St Michel) docked at its destination this morning, an unattended bag, passport and other personal effects were discovered in a cabin, suggesting that a passenger may be missing.

``The alert was raised and we are now co-operating with HM Coastguard who are co-ordinating a search in the English Channel.''

No details of the passenger have yet been released.

A Hampshire Police spokesman said: ``We can confirm a report of a missing passenger from a cross-Channel ferry has been referred to police.

``Officers are making initial inquiries to confirm the identity of this person.''