Seat Belt Checks in Eastleigh

Drivers and passengers who were not wearing their seat belts were stopped as part of an educational initiative in Eastleigh this Wednesday 21st July 2010.

Officers from the Totton Roads Policing Unit and the Safer Roads Partnership stopped vehicles where the occupants were not wearing seat belts and offered them the opportunity to attend a road safety presentation as an alternative to a fine.

Motorists who chose to attend the presentations were given a hard hitting talk on the dangers of their behaviour by the Hampshire County Council Road Safety Team and Hampshire Fire and Rescue staff at Eastleigh Fire Station. Those who chose not to attend were given a fine.

Police officers monitored drivers for 3 hours on Bishopstoke Road, Leigh Road and Stoneham Way. A total of 82 people were stopped for seat belt offences and 74 of these opted to attend the presentation. Other offences dealt with included 16 people using their mobile phones whilst driving, one positive road side breath test, one insecure load and one driving without due care and attention. 9 of those stopped for using the mobile phone opted to go on a Driver Distraction Course at a later date.

Sgt Jason Kirby of the Safer Roads Partnership said, "I am disappointed that so many people in vehicles in Eastleigh disregarded their own and others safety by not wearing their seat belts. The partners will continue to educate the public about the dangers of not belting up by repeating the initiative across the region."