Solar Farm Approved For Itchen Valley Country Park

11 March 2014, 18:57 | Updated: 11 March 2014, 19:03

Hedge End, West End & Botley Local Area Committee have unanimously approved proposals for a solar farm at Lower Russell's Field, West End.

The scheme that will cost around £1.2million to install, will consist of around 3600 solar panels on a three hectare field at Lower Russell's Field in Itchen Valley Country Park. The scheme will generate around 1 megawatt of electricity per year which is enough electricity to power around 260 homes a year.

Together with the other 1200 panels that the Council has on a range of its buildings this will help contribute towards the Council achieving 35% of its renewable energy production target.

The scheme will also generate over £1million profit during the first 20 years and it is planned to commit £100,000 towards ongoing improvements to Itchen Valley Country Park.

Cabinet Lead for Environment & Sustainability said: "The Council has great track record of tackling climate change and this is good news for our residents and the environment as we continue to generate electricity from a sustainable source to generate income and reduce our CO2 emissions."

It is planned that work on the new solar farm will be started in summer 2014.