Goal-Line Technology To Be Tested At St Marys

The first live test of Hawk-Eye's goal-line technology will take place at Southampton's St Mary's Stadium next month, FIFA have announced.

The system will be tested at the Hampshire FA Senior Cup Final between Eastleigh FC and AFC Totton on May 16. A second fixture will be confirmed in the near future.

A second system developed by German/Danish firm GoalRef's system will also be tested in two separate matches - possible a Danish Superliga fixture and a forthcoming international friendly.

If they pass all the tests, the systems will be given the green light by the International FA Board on July 2.

FIFA said the tests in live matches would be monitored only by observers from EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) and not the referee.

A statement said: ''Critically, only the EMPA observer in the stadium will have access to the GLT system readings, and the system will NOT be utilised by the match officials.

''Therefore the GLT system will have no influence on the outcome of the matches in which the system is being tested.''

The second test phase will be made up of four different elements:

:: field tests - in a football stadium where EMPA will conduct a greater volume of shots on an empty goal, shots against an impact wall, and shots at a goalkeeper.

:: training sessions - a series of simulated scenarios on the field using players will take place.

:: laboratory tests - including simulating different climatic conditions such as rain, smoke, fog, heat and humidity; testing against the impact of proximity to mobile phone transmitters or other magnetic field distortions such as TV cameras, LED advertising boards.

:: the live matches in England and Denmark.

The Football Association has played a part in pushing for the technology.

An FA statement said: ''The FA has been a leading proponent of goal-line technology for many years and has continued to press for its introduction once further independent testing is complete later this year, so that anyone wishing to introduce the technology is able to do so at the earliest possible opportunity.''

Hampshire FA chief executive Neil Cassar said:

''We are delighted to be working with IFAB and FIFA on the testing of goal-line technology and fully support the initiative.

''Whilst the system will not be utilised by the match officials, it is particularly pleasing that the Hampshire FA Senior Cup Final has been selected as the live match for testing which will be the first of its kind.''