Special Cruises To Mark Titanic Sinking

It'll be a 100 years in April since the tragedy - a special cruise from Southampton is going to the exact spot where it sank.

It'll visit the exact spot where the ship sank just before midnight on April 14th 1912, killing more than 1,517 people.

Some of the relatives of the passengers and crew who lost their lives will be on board as well.

Another cruise liner - from New York - is also going to be there to mark the occasion on April 14th.

The wreck still rests on the seabed where it sank, nearly 400 miles south east of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Titanic Memorial Cruise which is departing from Southampton on the 8th April 2012 is now full however passengers do have the opportunity to be part of the once in a lifetime experience on the Titanic Anniversary Cruise departing from New York on the 10th April 2012 exactly 100 years to the day that the Titanic set sail from Southampton.