Speed Camera Vans In Hampshire

More mobile speed camera vans parked up on Hampshire's roads.

If you've noticed more mobile speed camera vans out in Hampshire in recent weeks, Heart's found out it's because of a campaign to reduce the number of bikers being killed or seriously hurt on the roads. 

Some drivers have hit out, saying it's just a money making exercise, not a safety issue.

But Simon Gomer, the man in charge of the safer roads unit at Hampshire Police, says that isn't the case: "The reason why we're out and about enforcing the speed limits is to protect people from harm, and the harm that speed causes to their lives. 

"It certainly isn't about income generation at all.

He also added that they don't just park up the camera vans anywhere: "We use historic data to actually place vehicles, so they are known 'killed or seriously injured' hotspots. 

"We actually do target specific areas where we know there is a real issue."

We're also told to expect similar campaigns throughout the year, to make sure people stick to the limit.