Speeding Biker Banned And Fined

A motorcyclist clocked by speed cameras driving at 54mph and 61mph through a 30 mph zone has been disqualified from driving.

21-year-old Samuel Stokes from Park Lane, Fareham, appeared at Fareham Magistrates Court on October 20 to answer two charges of driving in excess of a speed limit.

The offences were committed on July 19 and September 6 respectively on London Road and Copnor Road, Portsmouth, when Stokes was riding his red and blue Honda CBR 600cc motorcycle.

On September 13, officers stopped the rider of a motorcycle fitting the Honda’s description. Stokes was identified as the rider wanted for the two speeding offences and was arrested and charged.

Yesterday he was slapped with a £250 fine and given 12 points on his licence, resulting in disqualification for six months. He will have to re-take his motorcycle test before being able to drive again.

PC Mick Gear, Bikesafe coordinator for the Safer Roads Partnership said:

“Speed limits are there for a reason and driving at the speed limit can be the difference between injuring and killing a pedestrian if you hit them or dying or surviving a crash if you come off your bike.

“It may not feel like a big deal at the time but the fallout from speeding can be catastrophic.

“It’s through prosecutions like this we hope others will be dissuaded from breaking the law.”