Stubbington Bypass Plans Go On Show

8 July 2013, 10:41 | Updated: 8 July 2013, 10:59

£8 million plans to sort out one of Hampshire's worst traffic blackspots are going on show.

The County Council’s consultation on proposals to improve Newgate Lane in Fareham and the western access to Gosport including a Stubbington bypass started on 8 July.  

The proposals aim to help address existing traffic problems on the Gosport peninsula to improve strategic east west and north south routes and to enhance access to the Solent Enterprise Zone.

The County Council is seeking early views from residents and businesses on possible routes for the Stubbington bypass and related improvements; presenting detailed plans for the proposed improvements to the northern section of Newgate Lane between Palmerston Drive and Tanners Lane; and asking for a view on interim measures to improve the Peel Common junction.

The consultation will run to 9 September, and include drop in sessions where residents can discuss the proposals with council officers and information displays at local libraries.

For information on drop-in sessions, click here.

Feedback from the public will be through questionnaires which will be available both at the exhibitions and through the website.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, said:

“Addressing traffic issues around Stubbington and access to the enterprise zone at Daedalus are very important local matters.

"I would urge people who live in, or drive in and around, the Gosport Peninsula to take part in this consultation and help us to develop measures to tackle the traffic problems they experience.”

The results of the consultation will help to inform and guide work on detailed traffic, engineering, environmental and cost assessments for a Stubbington Bypass. It's thought this would cost an additional £30 million pounds and would rely on government money.

The consultation results will also enable The County Council to finalise the detailed design of the Newgate Lane north improvements and provide a steer on which interim measures for the southern end of Newgate Lane and Peel Common Junction are supported.