Student Led To Safety After Fire

A student has been led to safety by firefighters after a fire in a student accommodation block in Southampton.

Fire crews were called to the 16-floor Liberty Quays complex shortly before 5am this morning (May21) after the block's fire alarm was activated.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus  carried out a search operation and located the female in a 12th floor bedroom and led her to safety.

The fire involved a sofa in the communal kitchen of a flat on the 12th floor and firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the blaze using three jets.

Group Manager Dave Turner said:

"A significant fire had broken out in the kitchen of the flat and on discovering there was a person unaccounted for we quickly carried out a search operation to locate and lead the casualty to safety.

"Our positive and prompt firefighting action then stopped the fire spreading beyond the kitchen."

Crews from St Mary's, Hightown, Redbridge, Winchester, Botley and Romsey dealt with the fire.

A joint investigation will be carried out between Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Hampshire Police to establish the cause of the fire.