Supermarket Protest In Eastleigh

Campaign groups will hold a protest on Saturday 22nd September at 11.30 am over the proposed extension of Sainsbury’s supermarket onto the town’s recreation ground.

‘Save Stoneham Park’ protestors along with objectors from ‘Rescue the Rec’ will gather at the town's bandstand to listen to speakers before tying ribbons around the 50 trees which they say will have to be felled to make way for the new megastore.

A spokesman for the combined action group said:

“We are united in our opposition to the wholesale destruction of our green open spaces - land we regard as our heritage and which we currently enjoy.

"The 50 trees and 5,000 square feet of recreation ground earmarked for Sainsbury’s is a fraction of the green space that will be destroyed at Stoneham and elsewhere in the Borough under the Local Plan.

"Our green spaces are needed for leisure, to protect natural habitat and to encourage visitors to spend time in the Borough."

A public consultation ends in October.