Teen Collapses After Taking Legal High

A 19-year-old's man's recovering after collapsing at an illegal outdoor party - where he'd taken a so-called legal high.

The party took place overnight between Saturday, January 7th and Sunday, January 8th in the tunnel at Farlington Marshes in Cosham.  

Police were told by the ambulance service after they were called to a report of a 19-year-old man collapsing in the carpark at Farlington Marshes at around 8am on Sunday, January 8.

He was taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, and was in a serious condition for 24 hours.  He is now recovering.

Inspector Jim Atherton, said:

"We did not receive any reports from the community about the illegal outdoor party or ‘rave’ which was held at Farlington Marshes at the weekend. 

"This may be because the location is fairly remote and away from residential areas, so therefore may have gone without notice to the local community.  

"Those at the rave were taking legal highs and drinking alcohol. 

"Police also seized some suspected illegal drugs.

"We would like to remind young people and their parents of the potential risks from using ‘legal high’ drugs.

"We know that some parents are aware their children attend raves such as these, but they may not be aware of the risks of legal highs and the heightened dangers when mixing them with alcohol or other drugs. 

"These sorts of parties are not always as innocent as they may seem, and those attending are often putting themselves at risk. 

"Some party-goers are taking drugs and putting themselves at further risk with the chance of wandering away from the group into the marshes where they can become lost and be too far away from the group to call for help.

"There are two main types of legal high, which can be chemical or herbal.

"The effects of taking them are unpredictable for each person. Some people wrongly assume these substances are harmless: Legal does not mean safe. 

"Often people have no idea what they’re actually taking because the substance is not labelled.

"Our clear warning is for people not to experiment by accepting offers of ‘legal high’ drugs.

"Ask yourself whether you seriously know what ingredients make up the substance you’re thinking of taking? Your decision to experiment could have terrible consequences for your health, life and family.

"Police are appealing for anyone with any information about what took place at the party to get in touch. 

"Extra police will be on patrol in the area next weekend and in the longer term police are working with the landowners to ensure that the area is used as intended, for the community to enjoy the unique landscape of Farlington Marshes Wildlife Reserve."

Anyone with any information should contact Sgt Farmer at Cosham police station on 101.