Toddler Slapped In Southampton Street

Southampton police are investigating reports a woman slapped a toddler across the face in the street.

The alleged incident occurred in Shirley High Street at around 7.45pm on Friday, December 4.

It is claimed that the woman was shouting at the child before striking him across the face causing him to cry out in obvious pain.

Officers investigating the incident believe that some members of the public remonstrated with the woman who is described as white, in her 20s with blonde hair that was in a pony tail and she was believed to have been wearing a camel coloured parker type jacket and skinny jeans.

The child was aged approximately 2 years old, had darker hair and was wearing a duffle coat and wellies.

Police would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident and especially from anyone who may have confronted the female about the the incident.

Information should be given by phoning Shirley police station on 101.