Two Men Rescued from Mud

23 March 2010, 09:01 | Updated: 23 March 2010, 09:13

Two men in their fifties were rescued by the Needles Coastguard Rescue Team this afternoon after becoming stuck in mud in Thorness Bay on the Isle of Wight.

The men had been out walking in the area when they both became stuck in mud to just above their knees. After spending some time trying to free themselves they made a 999 call to raise the alarm, and were put through to Solent Coastguard who attempted to ascertain the location of the two men. The Needles Coastguard Rescue Team were immediately sent to the scene and, following a brief search for the men, used specialist equipment to free them from the mud. Due to the location of the casualties, the Cowes Inshore Lifeboat was called to the scene as it was the most effective way to transport the men back to safety.

The two men were then taken to the Cowes Lifeboat Station where they were assessed by Isle of Wight Ambulance as, although the men had not sustained injuries during their ordeal, they did require treatment for hypothermia and shock.

Solent Coastguard Watch Officer Matthew Kenney said, “These men were lucky that the tidal conditions were in their favour, as, had the tide been rising at the time of their becoming stuck it could have been a very different outcome. When you are planning a walk on the coast always check the tide times, wear appropriate clothing and inform someone else of your plans. Make sure you are aware of the local terrain and plan your route in advance so, if you need to be found by rescue services, you can give an indication of where you are.”