Warning To Hampshire Students

Hampshire County Council's road safety team is running a campaign warning teenage pedestrians that distractions, such as using a mobile or listening to music at the roadside, can be dangerous

The campaign's message is "Don't lose your senses at the road side" and encourages young people to be aware of the dangers of being distracted by music or a mobile phone at the roadside.

Pedestrians will see the striking campaign on posters inside buses serving Hampshire and at train stations in the County that are used heavily by students attending nearby colleges and VI form schools.

In 2010, 85 pedestrians aged 12 -19, were injured in road incidents. Talking and messing about with friends, using a mobile phone to chat, text or play games and listening to music are all distractions that make these pedestrians less safe.

Councillor Kendal, Executive Member for Environment, said:

"Teenage pedestrians are most at risk on the roads as they are usually travelling independent of parents and with their peers who are more likely to distract them from giving enough attention to the road. We hope that some of these advertising campaigns, designed to highlight the possible dangers and consequences of being distracted on the roads register with this age group and remind young people to be careful when near roads."

Nationally, October and November see the most pedestrian deaths and serious injuries amongst 12 - 16 year olds. It is dark when people are travelling, including getting to and from school, and the road conditions may be bad.

Statistics also show that Friday is the worst day of the week for road incidents (deaths and serious injuries) and Sunday the best. The highest numbers of pedestrian incidents happen between 3pm and 5pm amongst 12 - 16 year olds.