Warning: Watch Your Bag In Southampton

Women in Southampton are being told to be extra careful after loads of bags snatches in Southampton.

Police are advising people in the Woolston area to take extra care over their personals security when out an about after a recent series of bag snatches.

There have been four reported this month and one last month all of which seem similar and police are looked at whether they are directly linked.

Officers are offering this advice:

"People should always take care when out and about whatever the time of day and make sure you don't leave a purse on anything else valuable on display in your bag. Carrying your bag tucked in close to your body also helps make it less visible. Talking on your phone or listening to an MP3 player while walking along can make you an easier target as you are less likely to know what is going on around you.

"At night wherever you are, it is best to walk in well lit areas where there are plenty of other people. The chances of anyone falling victim to this kind of crime in Southampton are very low however by following these simple precautions you can help lower it your chances still further. "

The incidents have happened at all times of day and night and all the victims have been women on their own mainly walking through alleyways or along quiet roads.

They have all been walking back from the shops when offences have occurred.

Two incidents have involved a suspect approaching the victim from behind and pulling their handbag off their shoulder and two of the others involved two male suspects passing the victim in an alleyway and then pulling on their handbag as they passed.

The other incident saw a bag snatched after the victim asked a man for a light for her cigarette.

The victims have ranged from 18 to 72-years-old and money has been the main target with the bags often found later by a passer-by with the cash missing but most other items still in them.

The latest incident happened at around 10.45 pm on Saturday, January 29 in Bridge Road.

A 20 year-old woman walking back from the shop talking on her mobile phone had her bag snatched from her shoulder by a man who ran off in the direction of Shamrock Road.

The man in this incident is described as:


-late teens

-5ft 10 inches tall and of skinny build

-shaved brown hair.

He was wearing black Addidas jogging bottoms, a faded black hoody and white trainers.

The bag was later found on Peartree Common with just some items including the cash missing.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information about the crime is asked to call PC Robin Blakes on 101 or call
Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.