Woman Attacks Southampton Pub Landlord

7 November 2013, 06:41 | Updated: 7 November 2013, 06:45

Police in Portswood are appealing for witnesses to the assault of a Portswood pub landlord and a friend who tried to help him.

The attack came just before 11pm on Saturday, October 26. 

When the 57-year-old landlord refused to serve a group of men and women at The Richmond Inn, Portswood Road, Southampton, one of the women started punching him repeatedly. 

Then a man from the group grabbed the landlord around the throat and pushed him across the room, breaking a table. 

The landlord was held down by the man, while the woman and another man repeatedly kicked and punched him. 

A friend of the landlord, a 62-year-old man, came to his aid, but he was punched in the face and received serious facial injuries. 

The woman is described as:

- in her late thirties or early forties. 

-  5ft 2-3ins tall 

- very slim. 

- She wore her black hair loose. It is below shoulder length and straight. 

- She was tanned or wearing a lot of make up. 

- She wore an animal or leopard print short sleeved blouse, blue denim jeans and Chelsea-type boots. 


The first man is described as:

- white 

- in his early forties. 

- He is thickset, strong looking 

- 5ft 8-9ins tall 

- He has light brown or ginger stubble around the upper lip and chin. 

- He is largely balding, with some fair hair on his head. 


The second man is described as:

- white 

- in his thirties. 

- well built 

- about 5ft 10-11ins tall. 

- He has a wide face and a big jaw. 

- He has fair, curtained collar-length hair. 

- This man wore a bulky beige jacket which is just longer than waist level. 

The landlord had many areas of bruising, and the assault aggravated an old back injury. 

The second victim received an open break to his right cheek bone. It is believed he will need surgery. 


PC Kate Wright is appealing for witnesses: 

"This was a rare incident in a busy and popular pub. Numerous people are believed to have been in the pub at the time of the assaults.. They could not help but see what happened. I need to hear from anyone who can identify those involved."

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Wright at Portswood police station on 101.