Woman Recovers After Savage Dog Attack

A woman's left intensive care after being attacked and seriously injured by a dog in Lee-On-Solent.

At 6pm on November 4, the 30-year-old woman was walking the American bulldog on behalf of its owner on Marine Parade, when it turned on her.

Police were alerted and found that the woman had been seriously injured and the dog had run off.

A police dog handler and the Hampshire police force support unit were scrambled and used dog poles and a taser to catch the dog.

As they were taking it to a vet, the animal died.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said:

"The woman was very seriously injured and required treatment from two paramedic units and a BASICS doctor at the scene.

"They worked on her for 45 minutes to stabilise her before she was transferred to Southampton General Hospital for emergency surgery. She sustained open fractures to her left arm and multiple puncture wounds.

"The woman has been transferred to Salisbury Hospital and is no longer in intensive care.

"The dog, believed to be an American bulldog, not a banned dangerous breed in the UK, ran off after the attack.

"Force support unit officers and a dog handler were deployed to locate the dog, which they found in the High Street.

"The dog was still acting aggressively and officers used dog poles and a taser to subdue it with the intention of capturing it and taking it to a vet.

"The dog died en route to the vet's surgery.

"Officers are gathering evidence in order to establish the circumstances around the attack.''