Young People Making A Difference

Teenagers are often under scrutiny for their behaviour, but an award scheme in Portsmouth is aiming to recognise young people who are making a positive contribution to their community.

The new young peoples' civic award, organised by Portsmouth City Council, will be presented at the annual council meeting and mayor-making ceremony on 20 May. The winner, to be revealed on the day, has been chosen by Portsmouth Youth Parliament, which represents young people in the city and strives to ensure their voices are heard by decision-makers.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Leader of the council, said: "We already recognise people with our civic awards, but these tend to be older people because of the nature of the honour. For example, if someone is honoured because they have been a volunteer for a long time, they tend to be from the older age range.

"We want to recognise young people who contribute to society as well. This award is about recognising that lots of young people put back into the local community and work hard as volunteers, and we need to encourage that."

The award is for someone who:

  • is aged 11-19
  • shows continued commitment to helping the young people of Portsmouth
  • is a positive role model for other young people.
  • is an ambassador for the city by showing real passion for Portsmouth and its citizens
  • is an active member in their community
  • lives, works or is in education within the city boundaries
  • is someone who has worked hard for and in the name of young people for multiple years