Home Found For 'Voldemort' Cat

A cat who lost his ears and nose to skin cancer has found a new home - despite being nicknamed 'Voldemog' after the Harry Potter villain.

Charlie had been looking for a home at the Blue Cross adoption centre in Southampton for some time, but staff feared his unusual appearance may have been putting off prospective owners.

The 14-year-old white moggie was living as a stray before a local woman took him in and looked after him. But he had to undergo an operation back in August 2010 after severe sunburn on his pale skin left him suffering from skin cancer.

Sadly, the owner was unable to carry on looking after him because he did not get on with her other pets so she reluctantly had to bring him in to The Blue Cross to be rehomed.

After "Voldemog's" story hit the headlines, a lady from Worthing has since come forward to offer him a new home. She was among dozens of people who called about Charlie. He'll move into his new home next weekend.

For more information on the Blue Cross centre in Southampton, click here.

Lord Voldemort