Things A Gentleman Should Do

One in 5 woman believe there’s no such thing as a true gentleman anymore so I'm compiling the official list of “Things a Gentleman SHOULD do".


Your suggestions so far;


"Females say that there is no such thing as a proper gentleman anymore, but that is only because there is no such thing as a proper lady either!" - Anon

"Standing up, letting the lady sit down, especially at meetings. Also doing DIY around the home" - Anon

"A man should always open the door for a lady. And the lady should always say thank you. There's not enough politeness in this world!" - Tracy in Portsmouth

"I love it, they say we're not gentlemen anymore because we don't open doors! But I bet if we did open them without asking they would say were trying to take away their independence!" - Ash, Gosport

"What should a gentleman do? Always walk on the curbside of the road and keep your lady protected away from the road edge! Sleep on the side of the bed nearest the door, again protecting your lady, and my fave, allow your lady to sit facing the room, because you want to show her off, and it prevents the gentleman from roving his eyes around the room and not giving his lady full attention! ps my husband is a true gentleman!" - Lorna, Hayling Island

"A gent should walk on the pavement closest to the road, this dates back to the days of stages coaches which frequently mounted the pavement and took out the gent and not the lady by his side, Kevin Gunwharf

"Get rid of spiders!" - Vivienne, Bognor

"A gentleman treats a woman with respect." - Diana in Fareham

"Put the bins out ;)" - Anon


Let me know any suggestions of your own below.