Disabled Hannah's Olympic Torch Joy

Wheelchair bound Hannah Batterbee from Exeter is a true inspiration when it comes to the Olympic torch relay and the spirit of the games.

She's a 17-year old who's been battling with Batten Disease since she was 6-years old.

There's a few hundred sufferers in the UK and one of a few in Devon.

But undeterred she's determined to play her part in this unique event - She was nominated to take part and will carry the torch in the South Hams village of Stoke Fleming on Sunday 20th May.

Her family visited the Heart studios a few days ago to show others what can be done and tell Hannahs story.

She has difficulty communicating as she's almost lost her voice however her smile and actions speak volumes. 

Brimming with pride LISTEN HERE to Hannah's Olympic joy


Hannah has done it! See a picture HERE

Batten Disease

Early symptoms of the disorder usually appear around ages 4-10, with gradual onset of vision problems, or seizures. 

Early signs may be subtle personality and behavior changes, slow learning or regression, repetitive speech or echolalia, clumsiness, or stumbling. 

Over time, affected children suffer mental impairment, worsening seizures, and progressive loss of sight, speech and motor skills. 

Batten Disease is a life limiting disease; life expectancy varies depending on the type or variation.