Dramatic Dog Rescue After Cliff Fall

It is hoped, Tom, a German shorthaired pointer will make a full recovery after falling 80 feet down a cliff in South Devon. 

It happened on Monday at North Hallsands, Start Bay. 

The Dartmouth Coastguard search and cliff rescue were called. 

They could see the dog on a ledge at the foot of cliffs. 

The very well natured dog was transported by boat to a nearby beach and reunited with its owner. 

Once at the beach he was gently placed in a padded fish box for his owner to take him off to the vet. 

The RNLI are happy for dog owners to know that they will rescue animals in these situations. 

The worst situation is when the owner tries to rescue the pet and come to grief themselves. 

The owner later contacted the crew through the lifeboat station web site and told them: "The vets are looking after him; he has a broken leg, a broken bone in his chest, and a broken jaw, also bruised lungs and liver. 

"They are hopeful that he will recover." The crew are looking forward to meeting him again when he is fully back in health.