Flooding Nightmare For Devon Family

A couple of wedding photographs is all that could be rescued from the Frame's family home next to the Yealm Bridge in the South Hams.

They became trapped in their own home after the river Yealm burst its banks, at 7am the ground floor was submerged by 2 metres of water.

They watched railways sleepers, neighbours' patios and benches all float through their garden.

It was caused by an hour long downpour which saw 3 inches of rain fall in the early hours of Saturday morning - there were dozens of flood warnings and the Environment Agency issued the highest RED flood warning.

This video was taken around 9 o'clock on Saturday morning, most of their neighbours had been evacuated by the emergency services but for the Frames - because no children were involved - it was considered better to let them sit it out.


2pm in the afternoon the water had receeded to around knee level allowing them the chance to get out and survey the damage.

All that had survived was Alan's motorsport trophies which had been put 'out of the way' and were on the top shelf.

Repeated calls to Insurance Companies have left the couple frustrated in their hour of need.

One company told them: "There was nothing they could do until the offices opened on Monday."

You can see below in our photo gallery the damage caused.

They only got through this thanks to the efforts of their neighbours who all arrived on Sunday to help them clear-up and offered them somewhere to stay and one person even offered a hoilday in America.

They reckon they might be back in their house by Christmas at the earliest.