Kingsbridge College Ready To Go

With two or three changes in the weather every day, almost mountain-sized hills to climb, bogs dotted around like a mine-field and difficult terrain to cross, as well as the well worn paths proving difficult at times, it's a substantial challenge for anyone to take on the moors in competition.

The Kingsbridge College team is led by Neil Cameron and Liz Renshaw, along with a few volunteers including the cooks, the students are housed in a fantastic base camp with meals being prepared by volunteers to make sure they get the best advantage before heading out on to the moor.


The College along with the town's youth club had asked for the maximum of three teams but this year they've been asked to supply two more.

So they have groups walking all three routes from 35-55 miles.

For three of the 35 mile team including Ellin Falla it's there first time taking part, full of confidence they talked to Heart about their training and the route they would have to complete: 


Annie Rankin, Grace Mulligan and Maddie Arnold are walking the 55-mile route when we caught up with them at base camp they were also doing a little bit of cramming for their maths exam on Wednesday


The group consists of students aged 14-18 and training occurs regularly in preparation for the event in early summer of this year.   

 Teams going through scrutinnering       Kingsbridge cooks preparing meals

Good luck to all students taking part in this gruelling challenge!!