New South Hams homeless project

Nightstop Devon provide emergency accommodation to young people who would otherwise be facing a night on the streets. They have recently been awarded funding to provide a service in the South Hams where there is a real need.

Volunteers offer their spare rooms to vulnerable 16-25 year olds who have nowhere else to go.

Young people rarely become homeless through any fault of their own - Over half of Nightstop users say it is due to family breakdown, leaving them in a distressed position and lacking support.

The group told Heart that young people are particularly vulnerable when homeless. Immediately they are at increased risk of harm from physical and sexual abuse, they are more likely to become entrenched in the drug & alcohol street culture and they are significantly more likely to offend. Nightstop aims to ensure that young people do not reach that point.

To find out more, please contact 01392 274853 or see